vermicelli (seviyan.) Kheer

Vermicelli or seviyan is an Indian Pasta. it can be made as a sweet dish or even in particular Indian spicy masala style.Here we are making it as a dessert that is ideal for breakfast.


• 1 tbsp Clarified butter / Desi Ghee
• 1 Cup Vermicelli / Seviya
• 1 Cup of Mixed Dry Fruits
• 4 Cups Milk
• 1 tbsp sugar
• 1/4th tsp Crushed Green Cardamom

Method : 

1. Roast the Vermicelli in clarified butter till golden brown.
2. Then add the dry fruits and roast them along for another 2 min.
3. Now add the milk, sugar and Cardamom powder and keep on cooking till tender.
4. Serve warm.

Pls view the video for more clarification

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