Mexican Vegetarian Chimichanga

Chimichanga originated from Mexico and Spain and is now popular in south-west America.




  1. Mix all the filling ingredients for Chimichanga.
  2. If you are taking out the tortillas from the refrigerator  warm them up, so tht they don’t break while folding.
  3. Keep the baked side of tortillas upwards.
  4. Place a teaspoon full of the filling in the centre of tortillas.
  5. Fold the tortillas from all the sides or make a parcel shape and stick the ends with the help of water or a tooth pick.
  6. Deep or shallow fry the chimichanga till crispy golden brown from all sides or you can even bake them.  (If you are baking spray the chimichanga with butter.)
  7. Top the chimichanga with shredded onions, capsicum, lettuce leaves, tomato and black olives.
  8. Serve  with tomato chili garlic sauce and sour cream.

Note – You can use any combination of veggies as you like for the filling.

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