Microwave Mango Fruit Cake

Mango is a very versatile fruit loved by all. There are a lot of recipes that can be made with Mango even when they are raw and sour in taste. Mango has a lot of nutritional and health value. It is a very good source of fiber and vitamins. Here we will be using a ripe sweet Mango to prepare a cake with fruits and nuts. that would further add flavor.
Ingredients :
  1. Prepare a Mango Puree in the blenderwith its pulp.
  2. Take a bowl  and mix milk, mango pulp, CondensedMilk, Castor Sugar , Vanilla Essence, Oil, Baking Powder and Lemon juice all together
  3. Then slowly start mixing the all purposeFlour to prepare a batter that has stair like consistency when it falls down from the spoon.
  4. Now mix the Walnuts and Raisins.
  5. Take a baking bowl now and grease it with a little oil and then put a flour coating over it.
  6. Pour the Cake batter into it and then Microwave this for 5 min at high power.
  7. After giving the cake a standing time of5 min you can serve it when the cake cools down.

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