Microwave Masala Karela [Bitter Gourd]

This recipe of Karela in Microwave is a very easy to make, healthy and tasty recipe made in a minimum time period of with half hour with less oil and spices.

Ingredients: (Serving 4)

  1. At first wash the Karela properly
  2. Cut into thin slices without removing the outer skin.
  3. Remove any hard seeds if found.
  4. Mix up all the ingredients in a bowl now- Bitter Gourd, Small cut pieces of Potato, Onion, Sugar, Crushed Cumin Seeds in a Mortar, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Tomato Puree, Oil and Salt
  5. Cover up the bowl now and Microwave it at high power for 15 min stirring once after 7 min.
  6. After 15 min are over give the dish a standing time of 5 min.
  7. Take it out and sprinkle a bit of Garam Masala.
  8. Serve with Roti, Paratha or Bread.